About Cinter

Cinter is a business solution hub for local and international corporations.

Our experienced professionals and partners analyze your business needs
and provide and implement a most technically and practically modern and innovative solution for your business.  
Our corporate goals are to be:

A best source of local and international professional services for our customers

A best place to work for all professionals and partners

We believe our professional teams “Networks” are most important assets for this organization
and we are aggressively seeking new professionals and partners to move on to the next level. 

Local & International

  • “CINTER” is a combined word of “Center” and “International”, “C” also represents Cincinnati, Ohio where the business started.
    Cinter is seeking to be present for our teams and for our customers locally and globally.

Community or Networks of many groups with specialty

  • Cinter seeks to create a community or networks to support our teams (Squad, Unit, or Group) to provide a best service to our clients.
    The team can consist of our employees and agents (individual contractor) under a Team Manager’s direction and management, and manage the service deliverables provided by its own team and our partners, as needed. 
  • Cinter aims to set one goal for our teams, partners and clients to achieve together while maintaining their identities and respecting differences of others. Our Networks should act as communications among them.
    CASA (Spanish) = Home (English) -> Umbrella (Japanese, “ka-sa”)

Virtualization Workplace

  • Cinter exists mostly virtual, where we can work virtually and/or be anywhere as the needs go.
    We would like to take away any boundaries for our professionals to provide their services to our clients’ needs.
    We believe the maximized virtualized workplace helps our professionals’ work-life balance and eventually leads great services to our clients.

Business & Technology

  • Our core services are consultation and management services in conjunction of technologies, regulations, rules, business practices and needs.
    One of our networks’ goals is to support local and international corporations to streamline business flow by utilizing various technologies.